3 Simple Steps to

Ignite Innovation

Map, Check, and Innovate from a Systemic Perspective

In 3 Simple Steps, the Sustainable Business Modelling Methodology helps you Map, Check, and Innovate Everything and Everyone Important for Your Sustainable Business Model.


Map and identify everything that is relevant to the whole system of  your business model (idea): the value you aim to create for your target audience, for the social actors throughout your value chain, the ecological systems impacted by your input and output throughout the whole life cycle, as well as your vision, values, and goals to give you a clear strategic direction.


Check and analyse the (un)sustainability of each building block of your business model and its unintended impacts throughout the value chain and life cycle, by applying systems thinking principles for sustainability to elements within each building block.


Innovate and build better hypotheses about the sustainability of your building blocks throughout your whole business model (re-)design from a systems thinking perspective. Use the trigger questions and design constraints to develop impactful and sustainable business solutions.

Learn how to build a Sustainable Business Model

Even if You have No Idea What To Do or Where To Start

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