13 Building Blocks for Triple Value

Capture Everyone and Everything Relevant for Success

13 Building Blocks for Triple Value

Capture Everyone and Everything Relevant for Success

What makes the Sustainable Business Model Canvas different and better, is its Strategic focus on creating and delivering a Triple Value Proposition

Human Value Proposition

The Human Value Proposition describes the way your Product or Service Satisfies one or more Universal Human Needs for your Target Audience.

Social Value Proposition 

The Social Value Proposition describes your social impact through your Relationships with Partners & Stakeholders throughout your Channels.

Ecological Value Proposition 

The Ecological Value Proposition describes your environmental performance of  your Activities and the Resources you require.

Strategic Direction

Your Strategic Direction describes your Vision, Purpose, Values, and Goals with which to align your Sustainable Business Model design.

On top of the 4 core building blocks above, the Sustainable Business Model Canvas consists of 9 more building blocks, each adding an essential perspective.

Target Audience

Your Customer Segment(s), Users, and other Beneficiaries.

Human Needs

The Universal Human Needs you satisfy for your Target Audience.

Partners & Stakeholders

The Individuals, Communities and Organizations that are part of your Social System.


The Type of Relationships you have with your Customers, Partners, and other Stakeholders.


The Physical and/or Non-Physical ways that your Product and Message reach your Target Audience.


The (Operational) Activities you and your Partners perform to Create and Deliver your Product/Service.


The energy, materials, and other substances required as input and created as output of your Activities.

Revenue Streams

The (Financial) Capital flowing into your Business from Sales, Investments or other Funds.

Cost Structure

The (Financial) Capital flowing out of your Business as costs accrued by all other building blocks.

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