Wait! There's One More Thing...

For Just €67,- we'll Include the ... page SBM Handbook.

Includes All the Trigger Questions and Process Explanantions that we Discuss and Apply in the Program!

Why should I get the Handbook? Can I not do the Program without it?

Of course you can. But you won't get as much out of the program. The Templates delivered with each module of the course only contain the basic essential questions you absolutely have to ask yourself. But the SBM Handbook includes clear process instructions for each step of the SBM Canvas Methodology, as well as all the Trigger Questions that we will introduce throughout the videos. So instead of having to go back and forth through the various videos, you'll have a ready to go reference work to keep next to you as you apply the SBM Canvas Methodology to your own business.

Also, your access to the Program will stop again after 6 months.
This Handbook is yours to keep forever!